We offer both parent coaching and therapy for parents who want to dig deep into the struggles they are facing.

Parent Coaching

Raising another human being isn't easy! Parent coaching is a process that helps you navigate your specific parenting challenges while empowering you with the knowledge and tools you'll need to nurture a happier, healthier child and family.

Our parent coaching sessions give you the opportunity to discuss and work through your child’s specific difficulties. We will provide you with current research, reliable information and show how to access the best supports for your needs. We also offer strategies and teach new skills - helping you feel more calm and confident - as you help your child manage the issues they are facing.

Therapy for Parents

Parenting can bring out the best and worst in us. It can be the most fulfilling and healing journey but it can also reveal past wounds, traumas and patterns that can impact the way we parent. When these kind of issues are negatively impacting our relationships with our children or partners, therapy can be very helpful. Along with your therapist, you will have the opportunity to dig deep into the ways that your past experiences and relationships affect you in your role as parent. It can be a huge relief to know that the struggles you may be having as a parent are not “your fault” but in fact the result of lessons you learned when you were younger. You’ll be able to examine whether the lessons of your past are ones that you want to bring forward into your role as parent or whether you'd like to choose new ways of relating based on your current self. It will probably be a combination of both. You will learn that you have the ability to choose the kind of parent you want to be and work towards shifting your relationships (to yourself, your partner and/or your children) so that you can feel good about your interactions with your child(ren). You will also learn to be gentle with yourself when things run off the rails and will learn tools to get back on track without torturing yourself with shame and guilt.

Please get in touch to talk more about the ways that parent coaching or therapy for parents can help you and your family.