Counselling for
Life Transitions

Transitions are hard. Sometimes we actively choose to make a change, see it on the horizon, and try our best to plan for it. Other times we are thrown into a transition without having made a choice and without the time or space to process how we feel about it. Either way, transitions are significant points in our life and can leave us feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or uncertain about how to navigate our ‘new normal.’ In the face of all of this we can find it hard to cope and sometimes experience trouble sleeping or eating well and experience greater stress and discomfort in our relationship with ourselves and with those around us. Even positive and exciting life transitions like getting married, becoming a parent, or starting a new job can feel overwhelming and stressful.

We’re here to help. At everwell Integrated Health Professionals we support people who are experiencing stress or anxiety about a transition on the horizon, as well as people who find themselves in the thick of a transition that they’re having trouble navigating. Some of the life transitions our therapists support people through include: starting or returning to school, entering into a new relationship, moving in with a partner, getting married, breaking up or getting divorced, relocation, becoming a parent, a change in job or field, retirement, becoming an empty nester, moving forward after a loss (read more about grief counselling here), and many more. By no means is this is an exhaustive list. Whether or not the life transition you have recently gone through or face ahead of you is listed here does not change how significant and daunting transitions can feel.

Therapists at everwell want to get to know you, your story, and seek to understand your personal experience. Our therapists span a variety of areas of expertise and counselling approaches. We aim to create a safe and comforting space in which you can talk about the transition you’re struggling with and all of the associated anxieties, fears, and unknown. Talking through your experience with one of our experienced therapists can help you to better cope and work towards finding rhythm within your ‘new normal.’

Please reach out to us in order to book an appointment or learn more about how we can best support you during the transition you face.