Life Coaching - Individuals and Couples

Relationships, Sexuality, Body Image, Life Transitions, Entrepreneurs, Men, Women.


What is Life Coaching? The question everyone wants an answer to and it’s one of the hardest answers to give because life coaching entails so many things. Life coaching is a method of therapy that involves moving forward and breaking patterns and habits that are holding you back. It is about empowering people and couples to live a more fulfilling life by helping them to make, meet and exceed goals in their personal and professional lives. In life coaching sessions the client is the expert! We work with your strengths and uniqueness and we make a plan for change. As coaches we are there to ask the right questions, acknowledge how amazing you are and hold you accountable for the work you have decided to do! Because life coaching is different and unique to everyone it is also useful for everyone and every kind of situation. A couple of examples would be couples who love each other but who are feeling stuck and stagnant in their relationship - together we can find where the “stuckness” is, come up with a plan and leave it in the past! Another example would be someone going through a career transition or someone who is going into the entrepreneurial world - we can hone in on your unique strengths and come up with a plan!! Life coaching is all about getting unstuck and living a more joyful and pleasurable life and who doesn’t want that?!

This work is for people who are ready to live a better life. The change must come from within. You are the expert of your own life. Your life coach guides you and holds you accountable in order to help you find your inner wisdom as an individual or as a couple. If you would like to talk further with our Life Coach to find out if life coaching is right for you, please contact us. Or if you are ready to book your discovery session, please click the link below.

Coaching available for: 

· Men

· Women 

· Sexuality and increased intimacy

· Body Image

· Self esteem/ confidence/self worth 

· Transitions

· Loving relationships 

· Non traditional relationships (ie. Open or swinging couples) 

· Juggling Life 

· Self Care 

· Escaping the rut/ getting unstuck 

· Living your purpose

· Parenting