Grief and Loss

Welcome to everwell. We are glad you found your way to us. If you are reading this section of our website, chances are you have experienced a major loss in your life. We want you to know that all of your feelings are okay and we can provide a safe and welcoming place for you to grieve. Grief counselling is appropriate for all people who have experienced a loss, regardless of how recently the loss took place. We work with people who have experienced the death of someone close to them. We have experience working with those who have experienced the death of a child, a spouse/partner, a parent, a close friend, a pregnancy, or even a beloved pet. Grief counselling is also offered to those who have experienced loss through divorce, family estrangement, job loss, or loss of physical ability or health.  

Grief counselling first and foremost creates a safe and open space for you to share your feelings. There is no judgment here and no reliance on a timeline or stages of grief. Whatever you are feeling and thinking and for however long you have been feeling and thinking this way, you will be encouraged to share, vent and feel validated in your grief. Our therapists are warm, compassionate and non-judgmental. When and if you are ready, they will also help you to see the meaning in your loss and help you to heal through a deep understanding of the impact of the person (or place/thing/role) in your life. This will allow you to live your life carrying with you the gifts and challenges that the person that died brought into your life. It is our experience that this process brings about relief, healing and growth. 

After a significant loss, most people are concerned with how to continue living their life in a meaningful and fulfilled way. Our grief counsellors will work with you to help you understand how grief fits in the context of your life moving forward. You will never be encouraged to forget your loss or simply “move on”. Integrating your loss into your future is a vital component of your journey of grief.

The loss of a loved one always happens in the context of our relationship with that person. Grief counselling can help you to process complicated, difficult, or unresolved issues in your relationship with the person who died. Relationship issues may have been recognized as troublesome when the person was alive. Or perhaps it’s only since the death that you have become aware of complicated patterns in the relationship. Don’t carry these heavy, complicated issues with you as you move forward. Grief counselling will help you process the issues, experience the emotions, and heal from the pain of unsatisfactory relationships.

Grief can be an intensely vulnerable time. We will meet you in your vulnerability and help you to feel safe. Alternatively, grief can sometimes make people close up and harden – for fear that their feelings are too much for them (or others) to handle. We will work with you slowly and thoughtfully, and at your pace, to help you face the loss head on.

We work with grieving children, adults, couples and families. Please get in touch so we can discuss how to best support you in your time of need.