Whether you have been together a long time or are just starting out on your journey together, when you run into difficult moments or topics in your relationship, couples counselling can help. Couples seek therapy when they are facing issues such as: high conflict, unresolved past issues, infidelity, differences in values, communication problems, life transitions, and many more.

Every relationship has its ups and downs. However, when life gets stressful or specific events occur - whether big or small - the strain may become too much to handle alone or together. Sometimes, an outside, objective third party may be the best way to help resolve those issues that are negatively affecting your relationship.

Our experienced couples counsellors are here to help you navigate major life challenges and develop new patterns of interaction - teaching you skills that are vital to restoring and maintaining a healthier relationship.

Our couples counsellors use Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT). EFT helps couples improve their relationship through a focus on emotions and their impact on the individuals themselves and the relationship as a whole. We focus on the unique patterns of interaction that are at play in your relationship and work with you to understand the emotions at the heart of these patterns. Couples can expect to work hard in couples therapy through sharing their perspectives, emotions and experiences in sessions. The result is often a relationship that is supportive, emotionally attuned and resilient in the face of life stressors. Please contact us to speak to a therapist about whether couples counselling is right for you and your partner.