Counselling for
Children and Youth

Children are constantly going through changes - often rapidly - and sometimes with difficulty. When changes turn into challenges that make it difficult for your child (and your family) to continue to grow in a healthy way, counselling may be the type of support you need.

Our counsellors have gone through extensive training to understand the mind of a child. With individual counselling, we can help kids or teens learn the skills they need to be successful! Through creative and fun activities our counsellors will work with you and your child using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and expressive therapies to better manage anxiety, depression, behaviour problems, major life transitions, relationship issues, identity/self-esteem struggles and other life challenges.

Many parents seek counselling for their child when they are experiencing anxiety. The anxiety may be mild or may be causing major problems in the child or family’s functioning. Our counsellors have expertise in generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, social anxiety, health anxiety, school anxiety or avoidance, panic attacks, separation anxiety, phobias, and other general anxiety symptoms. Please contact us at everwell to speak to a counsellor who can help you determine the best next steps in helping your child.