How to Deal with Back to School Anxiety

By Carrie Bullard, RN, MN, CPMHN (c)
Registered Clinical Nurse

Starting or returning to school can be a fun, exciting, and anxious experience. Worries about school are normal and common but for some children, teens, and parents, too much worrying cause a child to avoid making friends, attending class, or completing assignments and tests. When this begins to happen it is important to for parents to remember the following:

1.   Look after the basics. No one copes well when they are hungry or tired – provide small nutritional snacks and set up a routine.

2.   Encourage your child to share their feelings. Talking about worries does not make your child worry more, it helps them to learn that worrying is normal and can be managed. 

3.   Avoid giving reassurance! Instead problem solve together and plan a solution!

To learn more about these strategies visit this well researched article by Anxiety Canada.

If you think you may need help for your child and family to enjoy a great school year, please contact us to learn more about everwell’s child / youth counselling or parent coaching / counselling services.